Where Girls Sweat 02
More Girls Means More Sweat!!! The general consensus among most video companies seems to be that if you have a good title, you should do a sequel - no matter how bad it turns out...it`s bound to be a moneymaker!!!  I say, (aside from being terminally short-sighted) this philosophy is like spitting in the face of those of us who helped make the original a hit in the first place! (I`m a consumer too!)  Elegant Angel is recongnized as the industry leader of the All-Girl genre!!!  That`s why WHERE THE GIRLS SWEAT PART 2 wasn`t released two months after the original!!!  I say it`s worth the wait because in WHERE THE GIRLS SWEAT PART 2 you`re getting nine (count`em) NINE girls who love to f*ck and eat p*ssy!!!  Nine of the nastiest girls to ever grace the screen of porn - doing what they love to do...each other!!!
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Stars: Heather Lere,Flame,Tianna,Holly Ryder,K.c. Williams,Kathleen Jentry,Madison,Missy Warner,Nikki Wylde,
Director: Bruce Seven
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